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franFrancesca Terminiello is lead instructor at The School of the Sword’s Godalming chapter, having studied Bolognese swordplay and rapier since 2010. She has a further interest and some experience in renaissance dagger-fighting, Bartitsu and BJJ. Fran has instructed at several high-profile events in Britain, Europe and the US; and has placed and won in a number of international tournaments.

As a writer, Fran has demonstrated, panelled and presented on historical fencing and real-world violence at various lectures and writers’ conventions, including Fantasycon and at the Wallace Collection.

She is a main organiser of the International Rapier Seminar 2016; co-founded Waterloo Sparring Group, which facilitates inter-group sparring from HEMA clubs all over the south of England and beyond; and is a founding member of Esfinges, a worldwide organisation for women in HEMA.