14 08, 2017

The School of The Sword Sees Fightcamp Success

2017-08-14T13:06:40+00:00August 14th, 2017|Events, Rapier, Sword & Buckler, Trophies|

The School of the Sword had a busy weekend this past weekend attending the annual Fightcamp event, held in the Midlands.  The event sees HEMA practitioners from around the world gather for a long weekend of camping, workshops and competitions.  The school was well represented by students from both Godalming and Reading.

Instructors Piermarco Terminiello and Jay Maxwell both taught classes.  The school also came away with a number of medals in the various competitions.

  • Maria Makarova – Silver, Eggleton Cup
  • Alexander Makarov – Silver Single Rapier; Gold Sabre
  • Matthew Crane – Bronze Single Rapier

Congratulations to all winners.


17 07, 2017

Montante Seminar – 15th July 2017

2017-07-17T17:16:37+00:00July 17th, 2017|Events, Reading|

The School of the Sword was proud to host Luke Ireland of The Exiles for a one day seminar on the Iberian montante on Saturday.

The aim was to provide an introduction to Dom Diogo Gomes de Figueiredo’s Memorial Da Prattica do Montante. Over the course of the day, students worked on many of the simple rules included in Figueiredo’s treatise, as well as expanding upon their use beyond the confines of the rules.

It was a great day and everyone really enjoyed having Luke instruct us.

2 07, 2017

The School Of The Sword Wins Medals In Ireland

2017-07-02T08:01:44+00:00July 2nd, 2017|Events, Rapier, Sword & Buckler, Trophies|

The School of the Sword is in Ireland this weekend at the Feile na Gascgeigh event where we are not only fighting in tournaments but  also running a number of workshops.

Matthew Crane won silver in the Sword & Buckler competition, whilst Oli Barker also took silver in the rapier & companion weapon tournament.  Congratulations to both of them.

11 06, 2017

The School of the Sword Takes Gold In Greece

2017-06-11T08:20:24+00:00June 11th, 2017|Dagger, Events, Rapier, Trophies|

The School of the Sword hasn’t just been winning medals in Sweden this weekend.

We’ve also been represented at the HEMAthlon event in Athens this weekend where Apollon Makropoulos has taken gold in the rapier & dagger tournament.  This is Apollon’s first medal in HEMA.

Congratulations Apollon, we hope it’s the first of many and we look forward to seeing you at training on Wednesday.


11 06, 2017

The School of the Sword Pillages Sweden

2017-06-11T08:12:59+00:00June 11th, 2017|Dagger, Events, Rapier, Trophies|

The School of the Sword will return from the Swedish Open 2017 with an impressive array of medals and trophies.

In the Rapier & Dagger competition, Piermarco ‘Pim’ Terminiello brings home gold, whilst Alexander ‘Sasha’ Makarov took bronze in the competition.

This means that in the 2017 Nordic League  (comprised of the results from the Helsinki Open, Scania Open, Norway Open and Sweden Open)  Piermarco Terminiello takes 1st place in rapier & dagger and Alexander Makarov takes 2nd, with The School of the Sword having taken gold in every single rapier & dagger tournament in the league.

As if this wasn’t enough, Pim is also bringing home a bronze from the Swedish Open 2017 Sabre competition.

Needless to say that we’re incredibly proud of both Pim and Sasha for their achievements and look forward to seeing them in training and sparring soon.



9 06, 2017

The School Of The Sword Guaranteed Medals In Sweden

2017-06-09T16:59:01+00:00June 9th, 2017|Dagger, Events, Rapier, Trophies|

Members of The School of the Sword are fighting in Kristinehamn, Sweden this weekend at the Swedish Open 2017.

Alexander Makarov beat Kristofer Stanson for bronze in the rapier & dagger tournament, whilst Piermarco Terminiello will face Victor Hesel for the gold medal tomorrow.

This event represents the culmination of the 2017 Nordic League in which Alexander Makarov is now guaranteed second place in the rapier & dagger league and Piermarco Terminiello is guaranteed first place.

Congratulations all.  We’ll be wishing all the best for Pim for tomorrow.


2 06, 2017

The School Of The Sword Brings Home Medals From May Melee

2017-06-02T21:15:35+00:00June 2nd, 2017|Events, Sword & Buckler, Trophies|

The School Of The Sword added to their medal tally this past weekend, with a couple of medals from the May Melee.

Alexander Makarov took gold and Jay Maxwell took silver in the sword and buckler tournament. Ties Kool of HVN took bronze.  Congratulations to all winners.



2 06, 2017

The School Of The Sword At May Melee

2017-06-02T21:11:23+00:00June 2nd, 2017|Events, Rapier|

Last weekend, members of The School of the Sword attended the May Melee in Gloucestershire, with three of our instructors running classes at the event.

Lizzie Rose taught Montante, Jay Maxwell did a session on sidesword and rotella, and Alexander Makarov looked at Italian Rapier.


2 06, 2017

SAAM Achille Marozzo Torneo Review (20th / 21st May 2017) by Jay Maxwell

2017-06-02T19:15:18+00:00June 2nd, 2017|Events|

On May 20-21, I attended the biggest HEMA tournament ever staged, organized by the Achille Marozzo club in Italy – equally the worlds largest HEMA club with over 800 members.

The event was one of the few tournaments to focus exclusively on the sidesword and its companion weapons, and led to some interesting sponsors: such as Thokk, whose design of protective glove was directly inspired by his connection to the organizing club and a desire to provide better hand protection without impairing mobility. Also, the ubiquitous Black Fencer, as well as the awesome and relatively unknown work of Malleus Martialis, an Italian based HEMA bladesmith (check out his Targas!!).

More than 300 participants, averaging around 250 fighters in each category, kept attendees on their toes and a second round of eliminations for those who were beaten in the pools – the prize being reentered into the tournament proper – meant that no one ended up wasting a trip by becoming merely an observer.

The sheer amount of passion and love for the art was on display throughout, each club or even regional chapter having its own chants, colours, traditions and banners; making for an incredibly vibrant and lively atmosphere. The friendly rivalry, I was informed, led to duels and ambushes on a regular basis (including running battles in the streets while dressed as hobbits). All of which keeps the interest and spirit of competitiveness alive and fun between groups dispersed across the breadth of the country.

At the end of the first day, we were invited to join the organisers for a gala dinner at the aptly named ‘Casa Spadoni’ where menus were not provided, but the overworked kitchen staff must have simply emptied everything they had onto plates to feed over 200 hungry sword men and women. The dishes just kept coming, the wine was on tap (literally) and the laughter did not stop.

Foreign fencers are offered a collection service from the airport to the hotel and to and from the event/restaurant, but this was not something I needed to take advantage of being hosted by the inexhaustible Pietro Bruzzi at his family’s country house. Set in the hills near the coast of Cesenatico, overlooking endless vinyards, I spent the evenings depleting his homemade beer reserves and watching the glowworms (fireflies) dancing, while discussing the finer points of blademanship.

The next day it was straight back into the fight, the heavy evening having in no way weakened the lustre or energy of the events attendees. My eyes were fixated on the awards, ceramic medals and trophies. Made locally in a traditional style they really stood out as unique. The finals were hard fought, and the awards well earned, and respect really needs to go to the judges and organisers who presided over the goings on. With ten arenas in use at all times, every fight, from pools, through an exhausting seven rounds of eliminations, to the finals, all had a minimum of four judges, all of whom were not just proficient but also instructed on the weapons being used.

In short, this has now become firmly ensconced as my favourite event of the year, and is indelibly branded into my diary for the years to come.

2 06, 2017

School of the Sword Gets Medals In Norway

2017-06-02T18:14:48+00:00June 2nd, 2017|Events, Rapier, Trophies|

A contingent of School of the Sword members headed to Oslo on the weekend of the 20th / 21st May to take part in the Norway Open.

The event, part of the Nordic Historical Fencing League, consisted of a number of different tournaments with fighters coming from across Europe.

The School of the Sword fought in the rapier and dagger tournament and saw success taking both the gold and silver medals in an all School of the Sword final.

Gold medal went to Piermarco Terminello whilst Alexander Makarov took silver.  Congratulations to all medallists.