3 06, 2016

School of the Sword Takes Silver At May Melee

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A number of our students attended the May Melee in Bath at the weekend.  With a mix of sparring, classes and two mixed weapon competitions the event has seen a growth in popularity.

We’re pleased that our very own Jay Maxwell managed to take silver in the Steel Open competition.  By all accounts it was a fun weekend and even those who returned without any medals said they had a brilliant time.

18 04, 2016

Winners At International Rapier Seminar 2016

2016-04-18T17:19:16+00:00 April 18th, 2016|Events, Trophies|

The School of the Sword played host to the International Rapier Seminar this past weekend with participants and instructors from all round the world converging in Godalming.  Amongst the multiple training streams, the event also saw tournaments for single rapier as well as rapier & dagger.

In the Rapier & Dagger tournament

1st Place – George Zacharopoulos (Academy of Hoplomachia, Greece)
2nd Place – Stewart Hotston (School of the Sword, UK)
3rd Place – Maria Makarova (School of the Sword, UK)

In Single Rapier tournament

1st Place – Alexander Makarov (School of the Sword, UK)
2nd Place – Massimiliano Moscatelli  (Accademia Romana d’Armi, Italy)
3rd Place – Robert Wrightson (Sussex Sword Academy, UK)


Robert Wrightson also won the best technical fencer prize, winning a custom rapier from Danelli Armouries.

Whilst we’re naturally thrilled to see school members do well in the tournaments, we’d like to congratulate all winners, and thank all participants, instructors, organisers, helpers and our fantastic sponsors: Danelli Armouries, The Knight ShopGajardoni and Neyman Fencing.  We hope everyone had a wonderful time and look forward to joining you all next year.

27 03, 2016

Triumphs At Wrestling

2016-03-27T16:17:51+00:00 March 27th, 2016|Events, Trophies|

Not wanting to leave anyone out in club honours at York this weekend, there was an unofficial wrestling tournament at Spring Exchange that has just been won by School of the Sword student, Chris.

We’ve been sent this picture of him with his glamorous Easter Egg. We’re told he had to fight off more opponents than any of the other medal winners for that prize.

By all accounts it sounds like everyone is having a great time in York at a very enjoyable event.


31 10, 2015

SotS Instructor Piermarco Terminiello Wins Gold At Swordfish

2015-10-31T20:53:06+00:00 October 31st, 2015|Dagger, Events, Rapier, Trophies|

There are deafening cheers coming from both Godalming and Reading tonight as we are very pleased and extremely proud to announce that School of the Sword instructor, Piermarco (Pim) Terminiello, has successfully defended his rapier & dagger title at Swordfish this year, taking the gold medal in the tournament for 2015

His opponent, Kristine Konsmo, put up a fantastic fight showing not only great swords(wo)manship but great sportsmanship as well!  She certainly didn’t give Pim an easy fight!

In six years of rapier competitions at Swordfish, School of the Sword has won three times – twice to Pim and once to senior instructor Phil Marshall in 2010

Congratulations to all this year’s medallists!

11 10, 2015

Big Wins In Turin

2015-10-11T09:51:31+00:00 October 11th, 2015|Events, Trophies|

Instructors Pim & Fran are in Turin this weekend taking part in TaurHEMAchia 2015 where they are not only teach some classes but also taking part in some of the competitions being run.

We’ve received word that they’re coming back with a bunch of medals!  Fran came 4th in  women’s sword & buckler, and Pim brings back bronze in sidesword and silver in rapier!

Congratulations All!

6 09, 2015

SotS Wins At Swords Island 2015

2015-09-06T17:01:29+00:00 September 6th, 2015|Events, Trophies|

School of the Sword instructor Piermarco Terminiello takes third after a close 8-6 semi in single rapier, and second in longsword at the Swords Island event on Majorca this weekend.

Pim also found time to give a lesson on rapier & dagger to attendees.

Congratulations Pim!

16 08, 2015

SotS Takes Rapier Silver At Fightcamp

2015-09-06T16:59:49+00:00 August 16th, 2015|Events, Rapier, Sword & Buckler, Trophies|

Last weekend, School of the Sword turned out in force at the annual Fightcamp event near Coventry. Instructors, Pim and Fran, gave a beginner’s rapier class to attendees as part of the programme of events.

School of the Sword was also well represented in the various tournaments making it to the semi-finals in a number of disciplines. We also made the medals, with Piermarco Terminello taking Silver in the rapier competition.