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30 06, 2016

Godalming Training – 29th June 2016

2016-06-30T19:02:37+00:00June 30th, 2016|Dagger, Godalming, Rapier, Sword & Buckler|

A busy night at Godalming on Wednesday with a large turnout, including several of our Reading students.

Lizzie took the beginners through the basics of swordplay whilst Pim went through tactics in Rapier & Dagger.  Fran, meanwhile, took the Bolognese group through looking at Manciolino single sidesword plays.


28 06, 2016

Reading Training – 27th June 2016

2016-06-28T20:53:59+00:00June 28th, 2016|Rapier, Reading, Sword & Buckler|

It was the end of our latest round of lesson blocks on Monday.  Stewart finished his lessons on introduction to Giganti Rapier; Lorcan, likewise, with his block on Bolognese Sidesword and Buckler.  Next week our students will have two new training streams to choose from.

For those students who’ve yet to pass their safety test, Fran worked on the finessing the form.

27 06, 2016

Sunday Sparring – 26th June 2016

2016-06-28T20:47:11+00:00June 27th, 2016|Godalming, Rapier, Reading, Sword & Buckler|

With a number of tournaments looming some of our students took advantage of Sunday morning to get a bit of extra sparring in.

After a hot, sweaty session we rewarded our hard work with a trip to the pub.

23 06, 2016

Godalming Training – 22nd June 2016

2016-06-28T20:33:51+00:00June 23rd, 2016|Godalming, Rapier, Sword & Buckler|

It was a fun night at our training session in Godalming on Wednesday night.  There was a mix of sparring games and freeplay, with our new beginners also working on the form needed as part of their Safety Test

21 06, 2016

Reading Training – 20th June 2016

2016-06-27T14:01:06+00:00June 21st, 2016|Rapier, Reading, Sword & Buckler|

Despite a number of people off with illness, muscular injuries or delayed at work, we had a good turnout on Monday and a very active session.

Matt took Giganti rapier for beginners, Lorcan continued to take the bolognese stream through counter attacks from Manciolino, and Adrian worked with the beginners working toward their safety test.  As always we ended the session with a circle debrief.

20 06, 2016

Booking Now Live For Ilkka Hartikainen Seminar

2016-06-27T14:02:06+00:00June 20th, 2016|Events|

We’re pleased to announce that booking is now live for the Ilkka Hartikainen Seminar – On the Bolognese Single Sidesword.

Saturday 27th August 11am-5pm, Godalming.

Price: £25

The School of the Sword is proud to announce this one day seminar, delivered by Ilkka on the Bolognese single sidesword, drawn from several sources with a particular focus on the Anonimo Bolognese. Ilkka is recognised as a world-leading exponent of Bolognese fencing, and will be presenting his work for the first time ever in the UK.

This event is open to students from HEMA schools other than the School of the Sword,

Ilkka Hartikainen began studying historical European martial arts in 2001 and discovered the rich early renaissance fencing tradition of Bologna in 2007. The Bolognese sidesword soon became his main focus and since 2010 he has taught regular classes in Helsinki, where he is the head instructor at the Espoo Association for Historical Fencing. Every year Ilkka travels around the world to speak and teach on 16th century Italian martial arts. 

Currently multiple groups in Finland follow Ilkka’s method and he is working together with other enthusiasts of Bolognese tradition to bring the style back to life. Recently he has concentrated on creating an accessible core system for the sidesword based on the works of Achille Marozzo, Giovanni dall’Agocchie and the Anonimo Bolognese. From here his focus will shift to the other weapons and disciplines in the texts, looking at the tradition as a unified, complete martial art. Ilkka is the founder of, a website project dedicated to sharing information on Bolognese fencing, and works as a user interface specialist when not training or teaching swordsmanship.

To book and pay (via Paypal) please visit:


Places are limited so act fast as this is expected to sell out quickly!

19 06, 2016

Sunday Sparring – 19th June 2016

2016-06-19T17:03:48+00:00June 19th, 2016|Dagger, Godalming, Rapier, Reading|

With a number of different tournaments looming a number of our students decided to put Sunday morning to good use with a couple of hours of solid sparring.

Students worked with a number of different weapon combinations using the session not only as practise but as a way to test out various tactics.

16 06, 2016

Godalming Training – 15th June 2016

2016-06-19T16:53:43+00:00June 16th, 2016|Godalming, Rapier, Sword & Buckler|

Our Godalming students turned out on Wednesday night for a choice between three different streams of training.

Fran continued her lessons on sword & buckler tempo, Lizzie’s students progress with their introduction to Alfieri rapier, whilst Pim worked with the beginners working toward their safety test.

15 06, 2016

Reading Training – 13th June 2016

2016-06-19T16:47:12+00:00June 15th, 2016|Rapier, Reading, Sword & Buckler|

Another busy night in Reading on Monday night across three different streams of training for our students to choose from.

Stewart continued his lessons on Giganti rapier for beginners looking at a complex counter, whilst Lorcan lead the bolognese stream through counter attacks from Manciolino.  Meanwhile, Fran worked with the beginners working toward their safety test.

14 06, 2016

Grappling Workshop – 12th June 2016

2016-06-19T16:42:41+00:00June 14th, 2016|Events, Godalming|

The School of the Sword played host to a special seminar on grappling this past Sunday.  Guest instructor, Peter Smallridge, gave members from School of the Sword and other surrounding HEMA schools a quick introduction to the basics of grappling.

After a hot, sweaty session, we broke into free sparring for the rest of the afternoon.

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