lizzieLizzie is Secretary of The School of the Sword as well as an instructor at both Godalming and Reading. She has been training with the school since 2011. Teaching primarily sword and buckler from the works of Marozzo and Manciolino and Alfieri’s single rapier, she incorporates pedagogy from her day job as a teacher into her coaching. After attending New Zealand’s 1st Sword Symposium she fell in love with the spadone and has been responsible for implementing the teaching of this using a number of different sources, including Alfieri and Figueiredo. Lizzie has instructed and judged tournaments at a number of international events.

Keen to spread the joys of HEMA Lizzie has organised and given a number of demonstrations at historical and literary events. Working in schools she has taken the opportunity to bring historical fencing to children and hopes to soon embark on a project to deliver HEMA as part of P.E. lessons.