philPhil Marshall is the lead instructor for the School of the Sword. He has been studying in the School since 2004 and has been teaching for the last two years. In that time Phil has taught at several international HEMAC events in the UK, France and Germany.

In 2008, Phil competed in the first ever world wide open rapier tournament in Germany, for which he was also the chief scorer.

Within HEMA, Phil has focused on the study of the rapier, sidesword and their companion weapons, but he has also studied the longsword and, to a lesser degree, the backsword and smallsword. Before learning the rapier, Phil taught sport fencing and Tae Kwon-do and practised Iaido and kendo. He also has an interest in other martial arts including Kung fu and Systema.

Phil’s current research interests included Alfieri’s La Scherma, Marozzo’s Opera Nova and the development of pedagogy within western martial arts.