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Fran Terminiello

Fran is one of the most senior members having studied historical fencing with the School since 2010. She is an enthusiastic competitor and teacher who has medalled and taught at various events in the UK, Europe and USA. An experienced organiser, Fran has coordinated many events and courses.

As lead instructor at Godalming Fran is one of the three chapter heads on the board.

Matt Crane

Matt joined the School of the Sword in 2011 and has spent the years since then learning, competing and instructing both within the school and externally. Matt has won multiple medals and tournaments, both in the UK and elsewhere. A fan of Alfieri and Fabris, Matt is never far from a Guardia mista.

Matt is the lead instructor of the Reading chapter coordinating hall rentals, instructor rotas, new starter intakes and equipment.

Lizzie Owlwood

Lizzie took her first School of the Sword lesson in 2011 but quickly caught the bug! As well as participating in events around the world she has taught at numerous events in the UK and has won medals in tournaments.

She is the secretary of The School of the Sword, coordinating the School as well as the events and seminars we hold.

Stewart Hotston

Stewart is one of the most experienced members and has been training and teaching within

the School since 2012, and has placed in and won a number of competitions. Stew is the School Treasurer and is responsible for spending, budgets and accounts.

Emilia Skirmuntt

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Emilia is the newest addition to the board as founder and lead instructor of our Oxford chapter, but has been practising HEMA since 2001 in various clubs. During this time she won medals in many competitions in the UK and abroad and travelled around Europe teaching workshops and seminars to groups and at events.