Can spectators attend?

Spectators may attend to watch from the viewing gallery during the daytime. We are limited in the number of people that we can permit on site and must insist that only staff and paying attendees remain overnight.

Is there any spare kit I can borrow?

There will not be any spare kit available, see if you can borrow from your school or club mates.

When can I arrive and when do I have to leave?

We have use of the hall from 6pm Friday 6 July until Sunday 8 July. You are welcome to camp (limited spaces) or stay in the hall on the Friday and Saturday night. If you need to stay somewhere on the Sunday night there is a youth hostel close by. See here for how to get to the event.

Will nylon swords be acceptable?

No, sorry all of the competitions are with steel weapons. The spec and rules will be published very soon.

Can I bring alcohol to site?

No alcohol is permitted on site, but there will be a dinner in the pub nearby on the Saturday evening. We ask everyone to be respectful of the local residents and keep noise to a minimum.

Can I bring my own food to site?

You may bring your own food, but no barbecues or open fires are permitted. There will also be snacks and drinks available to buy on site. Please be considerate and bag/bin all litter.

Can my friend/partner attend the dinner?

The dinner is included in the ticket price for competitors and is a perk to our staff. If your friend or partner wishes to sign up as a volunteer we would truly value their support. As mentioned above, we are restricted in how many people we can permit on site therefore it is in our interest to put everyone not competing to good use!