The Albion Cup 2020 is a multi-discipline tournament event held at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre on the 27 & 28 July 2019.



This year we will be running 8 competitions:

Open Longsword league A: for fencers who have won medals in reasonably large (20+ participants) open longsword tournaments, excluding beginner and internal club competitions. We kindly ask Open Longsword League A participants to help us run Open Longsword League B.

Open Longsword league B: open longsword tournament

Women’s longsword

Open sword & buckler

Women’s sword and buckler

Open Rapier and dagger

Open Sabre

Cutting with longsword – tatami mats and sharp sword will be provided.

One can register for 3 fencing competitions maximum (i.e. cutting doesn’t count towards the limit). Cutting sword will be provided, all other tournaments are held on a bring your own weapon basis.

Tournament Rules

Cutting Tournament Rules

Equipment Requirements


Meals and refreshments:

  • There is a cafe on site providing meals, drinks and snacks
  • An evening buffet on Saturday night is included in registration
  • Breakfast is included for those booking accommodation on site.



On site accommodation is available at the venue in single, twin or triple configurations. All room bookings include breakfast the following morning.

A link to book accommodation will be sent in your confirmation mail.

There are only limited rooms available so please book early to ensure your space


Cost to attend: 

• ONLY volunteering as an official, without participating in any tournaments – FREE of charge.

  • Competing in one tournament- £50
  • Competing in two tournaments- £70
  • Competing in three tournaments- £90
  • Cutting tournament – separate charge of £30
  • The Renaissance Fencer invitational bouts are free of charge.

Register Here



  • Volunteers for a single tournament receive a £10 discount, those volunteering for two or more tournaments receive a £20 discount.
  • Please select which tournaments you are able to volunteer for when signing up
    • Note: You can not volunteer in a tournament you are competing in.
  • When registering please enter the discount code ALB201910 if volunteering for one tournament or ALB201920 if volunteering for two or more tournaments.

NOTE: You receive a confirmation email upon registration, check your spam folder. This will contain links to sign up for the individual fencing tournaments and book cutting & accommodation). 

The link with payment details via PayPal will appear when the form is completed, payment must be sent to confirm your place.


Refunds policy: no refund, places are transferable.

Disclaimer: By registering you agree to the following statement:

“I understand that whilst every care will be taken to give safe instruction, I accept full responsibility and consider myself fit to participate. I have answered all questions correctly and all medical and health considerations are noted below.”

Data Protection & GDPR: By registering you agree to our Data Protection and GDPR Statement

HEMA Ratings: By registering you agree to share the data from your matches with HEMA Ratings. If you do not agree to this we cannot accept your registration.