The School of the Sword not only teaches swordplay, we also study other martial forms including the Art of the Flag.

The art of the flag is inextricably linked with the art of the sword, the academies of 17th century Europe taught young gentlemen many martial skills and the flourishing and display of the flag was one.

Francesco Alfieri (the family name means “standard bearer”) wrote on 4 of the martial disciplines taught in the Accademia Delia in Padua in the early 17th century. He is, of course, mostly known for his work on swordplay, but his first volume was “La Bandiera” (the flag) written in 1638.

Alfieri himself states;

“There is no guard nor blow in fencing that is not adapted to the art of the flag”


“The pursuit of the flag will always be among those commended since it makes the foot ready, it renders the body pliable; the hand becomes strong, and it loosens the arm …”

As an exercise in its own right, the flag is a dramatic and spectacular form, as still evidenced by the companies of Sbandieratori that still display in Italy today.

Caroline Stewart is also available to teach lessons or workshops on the art of the flag.

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