The School of the Sword played host to the International Rapier Seminar this past weekend with participants and instructors from all round the world converging in Godalming.  Amongst the multiple training streams, the event also saw tournaments for single rapier as well as rapier & dagger.

In the Rapier & Dagger tournament

1st Place – George Zacharopoulos (Academy of Hoplomachia, Greece)
2nd Place – Stewart Hotston (School of the Sword, UK)
3rd Place – Maria Makarova (School of the Sword, UK)

In Single Rapier tournament

1st Place – Alexander Makarov (School of the Sword, UK)
2nd Place – Massimiliano Moscatelli  (Accademia Romana d’Armi, Italy)
3rd Place – Robert Wrightson (Sussex Sword Academy, UK)


Robert Wrightson also won the best technical fencer prize, winning a custom rapier from Danelli Armouries.

Whilst we’re naturally thrilled to see school members do well in the tournaments, we’d like to congratulate all winners, and thank all participants, instructors, organisers, helpers and our fantastic sponsors: Danelli Armouries, The Knight ShopGajardoni and Neyman Fencing.  We hope everyone had a wonderful time and look forward to joining you all next year.