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19 11, 2023

The Princess Bride Social – 19th November 2023

2023-11-20T23:22:12+00:00November 19th, 2023|Godalming, social|

Our students from Godalming (and other chapters) gathered in Chilworth Village Hall tonight for a special private screening of The Princess Bride (1987). There was an introductory talk on the swordmaster Agrippa prior to the film given by Godalming instructor, Mark Sains.  This was followed up by instructor John Waller, showcasing a number of local blades made locally by Alan Meek.
1 11, 2023

Godalming Training – 1st November 2023

2023-11-06T13:46:08+00:00November 1st, 2023|Dagger, Godalming, Rapier, Sword & Buckler|

Tonight at our Godalming chapter, we had a freeplay night and gradings followed by a visit to the pub to celebrate the end of an eight week block. Well done to all who defended, challenged and judged in the assessed bouts.

28 10, 2023

Sparring Day – 28th October 2023

2023-11-06T13:52:53+00:00October 28th, 2023|Dagger, Godalming, Oxford, Rapier, Reading, Swindon, Sword & Buckler|

Our Reading chapter played host to a sparring day today. There were over thirty fencers there from numerous clubs and lots of great fights. If you want to up your game and test your skills against unfamiliar opponents look out for future events.

18 10, 2023

Godalming Training – 18th October 2023

2023-11-06T14:01:10+00:00October 18th, 2023|Godalming, Rapier, Sword & Buckler|

Tonight our Godalming chapter had three classes covering a range of weapons and student abilities: beginners, single rapier, and dall’Agocchie’s single sidesword.

7 10, 2023

Godalming Sparring – 7th October 2023

2023-10-14T14:39:29+00:00October 7th, 2023|Dagger, Godalming|

Godalming students met up today for a bit of outdoor freeplay today.  engaging primarily in dagger work.  These sessions give students the chance to play with a range of techniques including those they might not currently be training, as well as practise techniques learned in class under sparring conditions.

29 09, 2023

School of the Sword Introduces Pronoun Patches

2023-10-14T14:48:46+00:00September 29th, 2023|Godalming, Oxford, Reading, Swindon|

Our success and strength as a school comes from the diversity of our members.  A lot of our drills and techniques depend on trust on our sparring partners, and we want our members to feel included, seen, supported, and safe.  As part of commitment to inclusivity, a pronoun patch now forms a voluntary part of our part of our official uniform insignia.  Members who choose to have one, can wear it under the chapter flash and school patch with pride.

20 09, 2023

Godalming Training – 20th September 2023

2023-09-24T22:14:01+00:00September 20th, 2023|Godalming, Rapier, Sidesword, Sword & Buckler|

Two of the three classes in Godalming tonight: sidesword and rapier. We also welcomed a new cohort of beginners who are off to a fantastic start!

17 09, 2023

School of the Sword Sees Medal Success At Wessex Winnersh

2023-10-14T17:06:21+00:00September 17th, 2023|Godalming, Longsword, Oxford, Reading, Sword & Buckler|

School of the Sword was competing in tournament this weekend with three of our chapters taking medals .  Emilia took gold in Women’s Sword & Buckler, as well as bronze in Women’s Longsword; Lenny took silver in the Beginner’s open steel Sword & Buckler,  whilst Mike took Bronze.  A lot of other students narrowly missed out on medals.

Congratulations to all winners, and we look forward to the next leg which will be held in Taunton.

26 08, 2023

Godalming Sparring – 26th August 2023

2023-09-02T10:39:18+00:00August 26th, 2023|Godalming|

We had a good turnout of nine fencers for free play this morning in Broadwater Park. For those entering the upcoming Wessex League tournaments we held some judged and timed bouts to simulate tournament conditions.

20 08, 2023

Coming of Age Event: Day 2

2023-08-23T08:07:04+00:00August 20th, 2023|Dagger, Godalming, Longsword, Oxford, Rapier, Reading, Sidesword, Swindon, Sword & Buckler|

It was the second day of our Coming of Age event, celebrating the 21st anniversary of the School of the Sword.  After a hearty breakfast, students jumped into a selection fo workshops taught by instructors from across School of the Sword’s four chapters.

Josh taught some Fabris Rapier & Dagger, Phil introduced students to dall’Agocchie sidesword, Fran ran a Sword& Dagger masterclass, Emilia tackled Longsword disarms, Adrian ran a workshop on introduction to single rapier, and Matt taught rapier and cloak.  We then gave out a bunch of awards before leaving the afternoon for people to pack up their tents and engage in a little sparring.

Thank you to everyone who came.  It seemed the event was a massive success and the perfect way to celebrate our 21st anniversary.  Here’s to the next 21!

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