28 10, 2015

SotS Instructors In New Documentary

2015-10-28T10:28:56+00:00October 28th, 2015|Press, video|

School of the Sword Instructors Pim & Fran Terminiello feature heavily in this documentary on HEMA that’s currently abuzz around the internet (Kotaku, GQ, Imgr, etc.)

Featuring interviews and footage shot from around the world, this fantastic 90 minute documentary covers just about every aspect of HEMA.  There’s plenty of sword fighting as well!  We’re busy trying to spot students and friends of the school in all the clips!

22 09, 2015

Video – Sparring Session

2015-09-22T08:42:36+00:00September 22nd, 2015|Rapier, Reading, video|

At our recent sparring session on 13th September, we took some video.  We’ve edited this into a quick video showing us in action across a range of disciplines.  Sparring sessions are good opportunities to try techniques we’ve learned in lessons and put them into practise.  Even though we are fighting each other, you’ll notice we give each other a lot of feedback to help us improve.

Sparring sessions are open to our students who have passed their safety test.

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