What’s Happening?

Our instructors spend a lot of time dealing with the business of collecting money when you attend classes.  This gets even more complicated when there are beginners on pre-booked blocks / free lessons, etc.  We’ve wanted to simplify this, plus give the opportunity to pre-pay online.  We also want to reward regular attendees with some discounts.

As a result, we’ve been busy over the last month implementing a number of improvements to communication and payment for 2016.


The Packages

We will be initially be offering 3 different packages


Platinum– ALL Reading AND Godalming classes for the month – £30 (Billed in advance)

Gold – One class per week (at either Reading or Godalming) for the month – £20 (Billed in advance)

Standard – a single Reading or Godalming class – £7 (Paid in advance or in cash on the night)

Unless otherwise asked, you will be set up under the standard package by default.


How It Will Work

If you are on one of the pre-paid packages you will be emailed an invoice with a Paypal link to pay (which can be paid by Paypal or by credit card).  This links into the software we are using and records that the invoice has been paid.  This in turn links into the attendance system and works all the finances out.

Example:  You have the Gold package but come along to Godalming one time.  The attendance system will note that you went to Reading that week already and charge you the £7 for the extra lesson.

Note: we will update this section with further clarification as we gain it.



You will have been sent a User ID and password via email.  It will be from Sword of the School but your anti-spam software might label it as coming from Dojoexpert or Amazon.  Please keep an eye out for it.  If you don’t see it, please check your spam folder and then let us know!

You can use this either via the website (https://sword.school/members) or via the DojoLogin app to check on dates, check into classes, view invoices, register / pay for extra seminars and see any important announcements.  You don’t need this in order to pay invoices.

You can also update your personal information by logging onto https://manager.dojoexpert.com/student/update.aspx

Note:  SSN, Belt size, father and mother’s name are not being used by us (they are default in the software and we just leave them blank)



There will be a thread in each of the SotS Facebook groups for people to ask questions and request to be added to any of the pre-paid packages.  It’s likely to get a bit busy and a little confused at times (as we are still familiarising ourselves with the software but wanted to get it in place before the first class of 2016), so please be patient as I get to everyone!


Important Notes

NOTE 1:  I see that admins are able to view passwords so if you decide to change yours, please don’t change it to anything you use elsewhere

NOTE 2: The system currently only has binary gender.  This is due to the software we are using rather than any ignorance on our part.  We’ll be feeding this back to the developers.

NOTE 3: The software is still new and we are still finding our way around.  The aim is to automate collection of payment to make organisation a little easier on Fran and Matt.  Please be patient as we get to grips with it!  (In other words, I’m bound to cock something up at one point or another)