At School of the Sword we put a lot of focus on the foundations of swordplay to ensure that when we come to spar we can do so with control, accuracy and most importantly safety.  For that reason, candidati, spend a long time working on the basics, getting a solid foundation based on historical techniques that they will build upon as they are introduced to sparring and other weapons and techniques at the school.

After a lot of hard work and training, Jubie, Nick, Anthony, David and Greta passed their safety test on Wednesday night.  This means they’ll now be introduced to sparring with the other studenti that they now join.  Congratulations to them all and we are all looking forward to training and sparring with them in the future!

Godalming currently has space for new beginners and we’ll be running a new beginners’ course in Reading in March, so if you would ultimately like to join them, be sure to contact us!  You’ll find us a fun, diverse, inclusive bunch united in our love of pointy things.