24 01, 2024

Godalming Sparring – 24th January 2024

2024-01-29T00:10:32+00:00January 24th, 2024|Dagger, Godalming, Rapier, Sword & Buckler|

Chilworth played host to our Godalming students this weekend as they gathered for the latest in our weekly sparring sessions.

These sessions provide our students with a chance to fight with new sparring partners, try out weapons not currently on the cirriculoum and get in some much needed practise.

13 01, 2024

Godalming Sparring – 13th January 2023

2024-01-29T00:03:47+00:00January 13th, 2024|Dagger, Godalming, Rapier, Sidesword|

Our Godalming students met up in Chilworth this weekend for the latest in the chapter’s regular sparring sessions. Sparring gives them a chance to exchange with students they might not have sparred with before, practise weapons that might not currently be in the training curriculum, as well as get some much needed time to incorporate new techniques and tactics into their swordplay.

6 01, 2024

Godalming Sparring – 6th January 2024

2024-01-28T23:59:32+00:00January 6th, 2024|Dagger, Godalming, Rapier, Sidesword|

Students from our Godalming Chapter met up in Chilworth this weekend for their regular weekly sparring session.  These sessions give students chance to practise technics learnt in training as well as spar with partners they wouldn’t normally fight with.

3 01, 2024

Godalming Training – 3rd January 2024

2024-01-07T19:54:49+00:00January 3rd, 2024|Godalming, Sword & Buckler|

Tonight our Godalming chapter welcomed our latest group of fencers embarking our beginners course in sidesword and buckler. They worked super hard and we look forward to training together over the coming weeks.

20 12, 2023

Swindon Training – 20th December 2023

2024-01-07T20:05:05+00:00December 20th, 2023|Swindon, Sword & Buckler|

It was the final training session of the year for our Swindon students and we had a tournament.  Students not only competed but judged as well, gaining an appreciation for how difficult it is.  Congratulations to Jonathan for winning the tournament and well done to all fencers for the quality of fencing on display.

16 12, 2023

Godalming Sparring – 16th December 2023

2023-12-18T22:42:36+00:00December 16th, 2023|Godalming, Rapier, Sidesword, Sword & Buckler|

Our Godalming students met up today to practise a little free sparring with a number of different weapons.  These sessions allow students to practise and refine techniques in class as well as give valuable experience of sparring with a multitude of different opponents.


13 12, 2023

Swindon Training – 13th December 2023

2023-12-18T22:49:12+00:00December 13th, 2023|Dagger, Rapier, Swindon, Sword & Buckler|

It was free sparring night at Swindon tonight, where students got the chance to spar with a number of different weapons including daggers, rapiers, and smallswords.  Students also got to play with Montantes, longswords and polearms in what was a fun filled but exhausting evening.

6 12, 2023

Swindon Training – 6th December 2023

2023-12-12T20:17:25+00:00December 6th, 2023|Swindon, Sword & Buckler|

Swindon students were treated to a special night, where they voted which concepts we’ve covered this autumn they wanted to revisit.  They chose to look at second intention and the sidestep.  They revisited old concepts, plus covered the areas in more depth.  We also had a welcome half-time break with the strawberries Valentina brought for us.

29 11, 2023

Swindon Training – 29th November 2023

2023-11-29T22:20:00+00:00November 29th, 2023|Swindon, Sword & Buckler|

Our Swindon students were in a bind tonight – several, in fact – as we looked at blade mechanics and the basics of binding with the sword. We went through a number of drills focusing on the feedback of the bind before progressing that to look at covering your opponent’s sword without binding. We then went on to explore passing footwork. Some great observations and intense study.

26 11, 2023

Medal Haul At Wessex League Swindon

2023-11-27T10:33:29+00:00November 26th, 2023|Dagger, Godalming, Longsword, Oxford, Reading, Swindon, Sword & Buckler, Trophies|

All four chapters came together this weekend, as the final leg of the Wessex League Tournament came to Swindon,  Students from our Godalming, Reading and Oxford chapters competed whilst our Swindon students got their first taste of tournaments from the sidelines, cheering everyone on.

School of the Sword came away with a number of medals despite some highly skilled competition.

Emilia Skirmuntt took gold in Women’s Rapier & Dagger, silver in Women’s longsword, as well as two golds in the overall league – Women’s longsword league and Women’s Multiple Weapon league

Magnus Kraken took silver in the Beginner’s Rapier & Dagger, with Lenny Sim taking Bronze

Kristian Barlow took bronze in Sword & Buckler.

Congratulations to Nigel Salt who narrowly missed out on a medal, gaining 4th place in Beginner’s Longsword.

Great fencing by all fencers, whether they won medals or not.  They should all be proud, as we look to 2024 and our preparations

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