20 07, 2022

Godalming Training – 20th July 2022

2022-07-22T16:07:36+00:00July 20th, 2022|Godalming, Longsword, Rapier|

Tonight we had three groups: study group, longsword and tournament practice.

In the study group, we are free to practice whatever we fancy drawing from a selection of sources. Tonight it was Cavalcabo, Bartitsu and Domenico Angelos smallsword.

The longsword group worked on cuts following the Meyer square, putting a music stand to good use!

And John introduced members to the rules, practices and roles of a tournament.


26 04, 2017

Godalming Training – 19th April 2017

2017-04-25T21:05:20+00:00April 26th, 2017|Godalming, Rapier, Sword & Buckler|

It was a very busy night last Wednesday at our regular Godalming training session.

Students were treated to a handling session of real antique smallswords, rapiers and daggers.  Both the rapier & bolognese training streams got to enjoy some extended sparring as well which included some melee games and fun weapon combinations.  The beginners continued to work towards their Safety Test.



26 03, 2017

By The Sword – 18th / 19th March 2017

2017-03-26T20:33:32+00:00March 26th, 2017|Events, Rapier|

The School of the Sword instructors, Lizzie Wilson, Lynette Nusbacher and Fran Terminiello all gave classes at the inaugural By the Sword event last weekend. The first of its kind in the UK, the event was run for and by women.
There were classes in Spadone, grappling, pugilism, case of swords, sword and cape, rapier, longsword and smallsword, plus lots of cake and laughter!
By the Sword had a very positive and friendly vibe, and is ideal for newcomer and HEMA veteran alike.

28 02, 2017

Sunday Sparring – 26th February 2017

2017-02-26T21:30:09+00:00February 28th, 2017|Dagger, Godalming, Rapier, Reading, Sword & Buckler|

Sunday sparring was in Hawley again this past Sunday where students got another chance to put skills learnt during our training sessions into action.

Students put the two hours to good use with a large mix of weapons in play:  Sideword & buckler, rapiers, daggers, cloaks, smallsword, and even some Montante.


21 02, 2017

Sunday Sparring – 19th February 2017

2017-02-21T11:41:58+00:00February 21st, 2017|Dagger, Godalming, Rapier, Sword & Buckler|

One of the fun things about Sunday sparring is that it often gives students a chance to experience weapons they’ve not trained with before, or even weapons that we don’t train as a school.  So as well as the usual mix of sidesword, single sidesword and buckler, rapier, and rapier & dagger, Sunday saw us playing with sabres, longswords and smallswords.

It was a fun, energetic session that left us all covered in sweat but with smiles on our faces.

27 12, 2016

Godalming Bring-A-Weapon Party – 21st December 2016

2016-12-27T12:05:07+00:00December 27th, 2016|Dagger, Godalming, Rapier, Sword & Buckler|

Wednesday saw the last training session of the year and Godalming’s Bring-A-Weapon party.

Students got to spin a wheel to choose the weapons they would fight with, leading to some interesting and entirely one-sided fights.  It also gave students a chance to fight with weapons they may never have used before.  Good fun was had by all and it was the perfect way to finish what has been a very busy year for the school.

23 12, 2016

Reading Bring-A-Weapon Party – 19th December 2016

2016-12-23T00:15:25+00:00December 23rd, 2016|Dagger, Rapier, Reading, Sword & Buckler|

It was the last training session in Reading for the year on Monday, which could mean only one thing… our annual Bring-A-Weapon Party.

Students brought every weapon they could lay their hands on from small swords & montantes, through boken and bo staffs, to weird and wonderful from science fiction & fantasy.  Students who felt brave could pick weapons from the hat of doom which lead to weird and wonderful (and entirely one-sided) match ups.

We ended the evening with a melee where it wasn’t exactly clear who was on which side at any given time.

17 11, 2016

Sunday Sparring – 13th November 2016

2016-11-17T20:15:27+00:00November 17th, 2016|Dagger, Rapier, Sword & Buckler|

Students met up in Godalming for sparring last Sunday.  There were a mix of weapon combinations in play including sword & buckler, rapier, montante and even smallsword.  It was a very active session and the time just flew past.

15 05, 2016

Saturday Sparring – 14th May 2016

2016-05-15T13:23:17+00:00May 15th, 2016|Dagger, Godalming, Rapier, Reading, Sword & Buckler|

Our regular Sunday sparring got swapped to a Saturday this week due to another school’s event on Sunday.  Students from both our Godalming and Reading Salles came together to spar and practise for upcoming competitions and tournaments.

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