Treatise on the Subject of Fencing: Marco Docciolini’s 1601 Fencing Treatise Now Available

2017-02-28T21:45:32+00:00March 2nd, 2017|Publications|

As well as our renowned instruction that sees our instructors teach around the world, and our success in tournaments, the School of the Sword also has a reputation for research and translation.  Senior instructor, Piermarco Terminiello, has added to that reputation with this latest publication.

Working with Steven Reich and Vulpes Publishing, they have published a translation of Marco Docciolini’s 1601 Fencing Treatise.

The book is now available from Amazon UK and Amazon US

“In this book I have striven to summarize, as succinctly as I could and as clearly as I have been able, the rules and methods that seemed necessary to me for the practice of the sword, both alone and with companion weapons. Having to describe the many minutiae and particular details of any art is almost impossible in the clarity that maybe it deserves. Nevertheless I hope to have made myself sufficiently understood in this treatise, so any man with some basic knowledge can be capable of what I have described.” Marco Docciolini (1601)