This weekend saw the final leg of the highly popular Wessex League 2018, where no less than 13 SotS members competed and several more admirably volunteered to staff the event. Hosted by Southampton Historical Fencing, the weekend included six competitions. The performance and quality of fencing all round was very high indeed. Congratulations to the following people:

Adrian Faulkner: Open Rapier & Dagger – Silver

Emilia Skirmuntt: Women’s Longsword – Bronze

Fran Terminiello: Women’s Sword & Buckler – Bronze

Matthew Crane: Open Rapier & Dagger – Gold

Mikolaj Krukowski: Open Sword & Buckler – Bronze

Particularly impressive is Matt’s win, which makes it his 3rd gold medal in a row in this series for rapier & dagger.

In addition the league winners were announced, and once again The School of the Sword holds the team trophy for another year. Well done to all the finalists:

Adrian Faulkner: Open Rapier & Dagger League – Silver

Emilia Skirmuntt: Women’s Longsword League – Bronze

Fran Terminiello: Women’s Longsword League – Silver

Matthew Crane: Open Rapier & Dagger League – Gold

Stewart Hotston: Open Sword & Buckler League – Silver, Open Rapier & Dagger League – Bronze

The School hosted a leg in Reading in 2017, and we hope to host future events for the league. Several members of the School are also main organisers. We look forward to seeing more SotS members participate, whether staffing or competing, in 2019.

Philip Hodder vs Josh Bradshaw – Open Sword & Buckler pools

Fran vs Emilia in women’s Sword & Buckler bronze match

Women’s sword & buckler finalists

Women’s longsword finalists

Open sword & buckler finalists

Open rapier & dagger finalists

Wessex Winchester 2018 Finalists

Wessex League Champions 2018